ARFID for Dietitians: A Responsive Feeding Therapy Approach


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3-Session Workshop. 100% ONLINE!

17.5 Self-Study CE Credit Hours for Dietitians

Join dietitians from around the globe for this 3-part virtual workshop! You’ll learn from five experts in eating and feeding disorders on the complexities of selective and avoidant eating, with an emphasis on Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). Along with a thorough exploration of ARFID etiology, subtypes, and treatment and Responsive Feeding Therapy (RFT), this 12-hour workshop-style series includes recorded panels and Q&As for learning how to best support those with avoidant/selective eating across the lifespan. Dietitians earn 17.5 CEs upon completion.


Many teens and adults who struggle with anxious, avoidant, or selective eating, including ARFID, experienced challenges in the very earliest stages when they were learning to relate to food and their bodies. Negative experiences with food or mealtimes (including anything that made chewing, eating, swallowing, or digesting negative, difficult, or painful) increase the odds of avoidant eating. Thus, session one of this three-part workshop explores the what and why of avoidant eating to lay the groundwork for deeper healing.

Session two then considers the range of common pediatric feeding therapies. This includes a special focus on Responsive Feeding Therapy (RFT) and overviews conducting assessments, addressing parental worry and frustration, supporting appetite and curiosity, and navigating the potential negative complications of non-responsive feeding and therapies.

Finally, session three brings together three practicing dietitians and a PhD psychologist to discuss pertinent topics such as scope of practice, clinical application of responsive therapies and principles including case studies, “responsive” exposures to address variety, neurodiversity, interoception, and weight-inclusive care.

This course is designed to support dietetic professionals who work with individuals struggling with selective and avoidant eating, from infant to adult populations and from outpatient to inpatient treatment settings.

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